Full Name
Jacqueline Klopp
Job Title
Associate Research Scholar
Center for Sustainable Urban Development in Columbia University
Speaker Bio
Jaqueline M. Klopp is currently an Associate Research Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University, a Volvo Research and Education Foundations Center of Excellence in Future Urban Transport. She taught for many years at the School of International and Public Affairs and now teaches in the Sustainable Development program at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the intersection of sustainable transport, land use, accountability, data and technology. Klopp is the author of numerous academic and popular articles on land and the politics of infrastructure with a focus on Africa and is increasingly exploring the potential of new technologies to impact transportation for the 21st Century. She is also a founder of Digital Matatus, a consortium that mapped out and created open data for bus routes in Nairobi, Kenya, a project which is part of a global movement to create open data for improved public transportation. She is also part of the Digital Cairo project which aims to map public transport in Cairo and manages the Nairobi Planning Innovations Blog.
Jacqueline Klopp