Full Name
Carlos Javier Vega
Job Title
Director of Public Spaces
Proyecto Alto Perú
Speaker Bio
Carlos Javier Vega is an architect and currently the the Director of the Public Spaces Program at Proyecto Alto Perú, which promotes human cohesion within -at risk- communities in Lima, through the collective detection of available resources or “richness”, the development of -daily based- relational frameworks and the design and implementation of tactical urban infrastructure putting children and families first. Since January 2019 he is working as a consultant at the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima on the implementation of Urban95, The Bernard Van Leer Foundation’s initiative. Rooted in the belief that when urban neighborhoods work well for babies, toddlers and the people who care for them, Lima can nurture strong communities and economic development. His work is initially focused on promoting inter-agency collaboration, the inclusion of early childhood development outcomes at the implementation of urban projects, and the development of low cost mobility interventions for vulnerable communities of Lima.
Carlos Javier Vega