Full Name
Anne Kamau
Job Title
Research Fellow
Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi
Speaker Bio
Anne Kamau is a researcher working on transport, health and development issues. She is involved in research on mobility and access in African cities. Her current research focuses on ‘Urban spaces design, mobility and transport safety of children: A Comparative Study of Nairobi and Kumasi Cities’; and on ‘Informal worker organisation and social protection: Kenya transport sector’. Some of her past research on the ‘The impact of the future of work for women in public transport’ and on ‘motorcycle (boda boda) transport safety’. In her work, she explores transport safety and social justice questions such as: whether motorcycles are a blessing or a curse; the social and economic costs of road transport injuries; whether public transport is socially just. Anne is currently a co-convener of a Socially Just Public Transport - Working Group that pushes for a public transport that is: available for all users including vulnerable groups; accessible and affordable; inclusive and based on equity and human rights principles, and is sustainable. Anne also coordinates the Kenya Transport Research Network (KTRN) that brings together researchers, scholars, practitioners, policy makers, public transport workers, students and private sector actors to share knowledge and discuss relevant issues of transport in Kenya.
Anne Kamau