E Bus Fleets and Feats
Date & Time
Monday, October 26, 2020, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Beatriz Rodrigues Anthony Courreges Edna Odhiambo Shanshan Li

Pre-COVID, cities around the world laid plans to transition bus fleets to battery electric power, and in some places have already begun to reap the benefits, including health and air quality improvements, emissions reductions, cost savings, and a more pleasant and dignified ride for everyone. During COVID, the improvement in air quality was dramatic, showing a possible future where emissions from transport were greatly reduced, and transitioning to e-buses could help lead the way. However, as the global Covid pandemic creates mounting challenges while depleting funding sources, cities are reprioritizing budgets and commitments. This session will explore how our new reality of social distancing, frequent sanitization, and limited travel is still best supported by low carbon transport options.


Moderator - Beatriz Rodrigues, Public Transport Coordinator, ITDP Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Deep Dive Discussions - These are concurrent sessions on a specific topic that includes a panel of experts. Participants will also be placed in small groups to delve deeper into questions and ideas that speaker pose.

Session Type
Deep Dive Discussion